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Johnathon P. Moreno

Published July 25,2020

Obituary's Biography:

Moreno, Johnathon Paul of Mundelein. John was born October 4, 1976 in Kansas City, MO to Mary V. (Hunter) Meyer. He passed away on Saturday, June 20, 2020 in Wauconda, IL. He liked alternative, heavy, and power metal music, surrealistic art, horror stories, and horror movies. John is survived by his mother, Mary (Hunter) Meyer, brother, Micheal Moreno, step sister Lauren (Meyer) Alexander, and step brother Ian Meyer.

Memorial will be held Sunday, August 16th at the Moraine Hills State Park, 1510 S. River Rd., McHenry, IL at the Pike Marsh Picnic Shelter between 1PM to 4PM. Service at 2PM.

Memorial contributions can be made to the Rosecrance Foundation at online at https://rosecrance.org/foundation/give/ , or by mail to: The Rosecrance Foundation, 1021 North Mulford Road, Rockford, IL 61107.

4 replies on “Johnathon P. Moreno”

  1. I am so sorry for the loss of a beautiful soul. A kind-hearted person who would do anything for a friend. I wish I had been there to help him when he needed a friend the most. I have no doubt that he’s in a better place but, it still leaves an empty place in the heart of many. Rest In Peace Johnny! ❤️ 💐

  2. Mary, So very sorry. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Please let me know if I can help you in any way. My the Lord hold you close and ease your sorrow.

    1. My heart is broken. John was from around 1995 to about 2008 one of my dearest friends. I could talk to him about anything. If I was bummed out, he could always cheer me up, and I think I did the same for him? We could sit there and just talk and laugh for hours on end. In a room full of people, are jokes bounced off each other effortlessly and were just hysterical. Not having John in my life for over a decade is something I wasreally missing for a very long time. Unfortunately, I lost my chance. I’ve done some not so great things in my life. But hands down the most unfortunate thing that I ever did was get mad at John over something extremely petty & stupid. I feel SO ASHAMED for not reaching out to him over the years. We only lived about a 20 minute walk from each other for all this time, and I was too wrapped up in my own life to not attempt to see if we could make amends? John was a forgiving sweet guy, so I want to think that the second I said “Sorry for being a jerk bro”. He’d tell me to shut up you big baby, shake my hand, and give me a hug, and blast music that we loved. Cause THAT was the kind of friend John Moreno WAS, and always WILL BE in my my heart.
      I thought about John all the time. Especially over the last 5 years. It took me far longer than most of our circle of friends to leave home. John split at a very early age, and I always respected that about him. He coukd be extremely independent if he had to. I didnt realize how hard it was up until 12 years ago. He was doing it at 17! That takes a lot of strength & courage. Johnny was a super hard worker, that was an INCREDIBLE artist, and was bright enough to know he needed to learn a trade while still in high school. This trade helped him get some very good jobs along the way. I was always jelous that I didn’t think of doing something like that at such a young age. He was prepared to go out and grab life by the face and bust his butt working cooky hours being a machine operator, making all kinds of little metal parts that could easily get messed up if his math was off (it was NEVER off! Increadble at math he was) John and I went to high school together and disliked each other TREMENDOUSLY until the summer we graduated Mundelein High School. He was working 2nd shift at the time, and we’d all meet up around 2AM at a mutual friends house. We’d sit around: play cards, drink beer, listen to Rebel Radio, and just laugh. I have a very VERY good memory, it’s uncanny how vividly I can remember ALL the good times we had, as well as the bad. We we’re not perfect people. We knew this all too well. However, we were GOOD people. I think some of John’s kindness rubbed off on me, cause I rarely ever seen him angry. I have an anger issue, and when I was with Johnny, seldom was I ever pissed off about anything. And Johnner was ALWAYS game to help a brother out weather it was for a ride, lend you a couple bucks, or just someone to talk too when you were bummed out about whatever? He would ALWAYS be game to do what he could to try and make things better for his friends. I had told my now fiancee of almost a decade about my cool friend who helped me pull my head outts my @$$, and listen to low-fi, oddball music, and how dearly I miss him. It was brought up quite often in fact. I can hear his voice in my head right NOW. “Man…Dont you WANNA be different? John would say. I decided YES, I’m already weird, lets run with it. So I did, and I still am. But things will NEVER be the same knowing that Johnny is now gone and Im just so greefstricken about how I was unable to just reach out, and hunt him down. Im DAMN sure I woulda enjoyed my life over the past decade all the more if MY BUDDY.. John Moreno would have still been staple in MY life.
      My heart goes out to his family, especially his Mother, Mary. Who Johnny affectionately called “Momma Hawk” on one of his many birthday parties that I would NEVER miss for the world. And for everyone else: Family, Friends, and Loved Ones. We lost the sweetest, most kind, and most genuine person I have ever had the pleasure to call my friend. He’s probably up there looking down at me a day before his service, and he’s laughing at me while I type sobbing like a child. Again he’d call me a big baby.. Put on some weird music that most of the worlds population would consider noise. And somehow everything thing that was wrong would get better. That’s the effect he had on me.
      Johnny, I Love you bro. Im so sorry we never made things right. Just know that I will NEVER forget ANY of the great times we had together. Thank you for being my friend
      Rest in Peace Bro
      Love your bro,

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